Bourbon Street Ice

We just love frozen ice!

Our goal at Bourbon Street Ice is to serve the best all–natural gourmet sno-balls and ice pops in the South. Frozen ice treats are our specialty!  The owners who are native New Orleanians have a passion to spread a little touch of the Big Easy to the Atlanta Metro area.  

Sno-ball is a term native to New Orleans which is more commonly known in other parts of the country as either shaved ice, shave ice or sno-cones.  No matter what you call it they all have ice and some sweet flavored syrup added to it.  At Bourbon, we put our spin on this classic treat first using our top notch ice machines which shaves the ice into the fluffiest snow possible.  Next, we infuse this ice with the best all natural and organic flavored syrups we could find. Our syrups are handcrafted and sourced from all natural and organic fruits and herbs.  We then add a simple sweetened syrup made with organic cane sugar and purified water. Say good-bye to high fructose corn syrup and artificial coloring!  Hello simple and pure ingredients!  This creation is a wonderful frozen treat that will delight young children all the way to grown adults.  We also offer the same popular 'stuffings’ and toppings found in New Orleans to transform the sno-balls into your own customized frozen dessert! You can stuff your sno-ball with either our Homemade Cheesecake or one of our delicious Organic Ice Creams and top it with natural/organic items such as Organic Condensed Milk, Organic Gummy Bears, Organic Caramel Sauce and much more!  

But wait, there’s more! If that was not enough for a cool delight, our ice pops are a true frozen delicacy that you must taste to believe!  In New Orleans the classic pop is commonly known as a huckabuck which is simply some sugary drink such as Kool-Aid frozen in a plastic cup.  Here our 'modern' healthier version we transform fresh fruit, veggies, herbs and spices into the best gourmet ice pops around. Overall, our goal is to use organic ingredients and local farm fresh produce in our products as much as possible.  

The owners love for these native New Orleans style frozen treats were passed down from their great grandparents who sold these very same things (albeit less healthy) on the streets of the city decades ago.  At Bourbon Street Ice we believe the way food is prepared is just as important as how it is grown. Being conscious of our land and choosing organic supports farmers and producers who live for the same things we do--good health and sustainable habits.  Additionally, we use eco-friendly packaging like our cups which are made from recyclable paper and our spoons & pop sticks made from 100% biodegradable wood. We operate our business rooted in positive and productive interactions with all of our customers.  The very same principles passed down to us from generation to generation.  


From our first hand personal experience with children of our own suffering from food allergies to artificial dyes & preservatives we know the tough choices many moms have when choosing desserts for their children. This is the reason Bourbon Street Ice was concieved - a place for all kids and individuals who either choose to or must have certain dietary restrictions can find someting delicious to eat.  Even if you do not ingredient watch everything is delicious!  Natural ingredients do taste better!  We hope that moms can rest assured that all of our frozen treats are made with care and as always with no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or sweeteners.   


If you're not in the mood for snoballs or ice pops you can also get a cup of our delicious Organic Ice Creams, our Homemade Pecan Pralines, King Cake and even Gumbo!  We are also vegan friendly!

So relax! Let your hair down. As we say in New Orleans:  Laissez le bon temps rouler! Let the good times roll!


​Bourbon Street Ice is here to prove that desserts can taste delicious and make you feel good about your food choices at the same time!!!  Enjoy and take a stroll down Bourbon Street!!!

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